Using blockchain technology to explore deeper value of IP, promote its distribution, and transform IP into productivity.Establish a fair, just and open IP eco-system worldwide.Rapid distribution, fast conversion, speedy rights protection.


About IPE

The IPE project team has worked in the IP industry across the US and China for decades, and has accumulated rich professional experiences and resources which are committed to building a blockchain based global IP network defined by values. IPE provides an open, just, fair and efficient global IP trading platform as well as solving the problems for individuals and corporations for their IP protection, financing and etc. It will add momentum for the global rapid development of the digital IP economy.

Center and Value

IPE Exchange is the center of IPE Ecosystem,which serves all partners of IPE.The value circulated within the entire ecosystem is contributed to IPE tokens, which maintain efficient collaborative operations among all members of the Ecosystem.


IP Token Financing

IPE provides a comprehensive solution of “IP token financing” for IP holders to help them raise capitals for their survival and development, boost their core competitiveness, and achieve the rapid development.

Track and Trace

IPE employs Track and Trace System to build trustworthy nodes of the supply chain. Establish a dependable, verifiable and immutable data management system to encourage participants to reduce the cost of legal protection and expand their influence of intellectual property.


The exchange provides legal protection for all listed IP holders, encourages consumers to provide evidence of IP infringement as well as safeguarding the interests of IP holders and investors.


IPE Token for Exchange

IPE serves as the value medium for the entire ecosystem, and investors need to pay IPEs to IP holders to obtain an IP license. When IP holders obtain a large number of IPEs, it will be monitored and locked by IPE exchange.

IP token

Manufacturers need to pay IPEs to investors to obtain an IP license, before producing merchandise. Manufacturers obtain the product license code by burning IP Token in the production process.

Token Distribution

The total amount of IPE Tokens is planned to be 10 billion, and will never be issued additionally.